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Finding Dory

As previously mentioned, Disney holds a special place in our hearts. While we can’t afford to go to the movies to go see the newest film, we do borrow it from the library as soon as possible. Disney, with the exception of their sequels, tends to make amazing movies that we love. Pixar, on the other hand, is hit-or-miss, and Finding Dory is both.

The movie opens with us getting to look into Dory’s past and see what she was like as a child. Buddy was instantly entranced; they acted so much alike, that he instantly related to her. As the mother of an autistic child, I related strongly to Dory’s mother.

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Buddy, New Things/School, and Gen Ed

For those unaware, it is generally a bad idea to change things on an autistic person. Autistics shy away from new things. The idea of trying to get Buddy to do new things causes my heart to skip a beat, and I avoid it as much as possible.

It started when he was a baby. I began to notice immediately he did not like going to new places. If I wanted to rearrange furniture, I had to do so where he could see, or he would have a meltdown. Even after he saw me do it, if he left the room and came back, he would be fussy. He would touch everything to be sure they were still there. This made moving very, very difficult.

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Inside Out and other Disney Movies

Until Buddy was four years old, he did not really talk. I could not get him to talk. He learned just enough to get by, like “cup” (good luck guessing if it’s juice or milk he wants) and “no.” Our trip to Disney changed everything. When I posted about it on Facebook, someone sent me a link about this little boy who was very similar. Take the time to read it, if you can. It greatly describes my life with Buddy.

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