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Why Buddy Plays on the Phone, But Not Outside

As usual on social media, there are more than a few memes going around. These are “holier than thou” memes, the type that likes to judge others, look down on them, and degrade them because they partake in something viewed as less than ideal.

When I was growing up, people looked down on the “Trekkies,” people who liked to dress up in costume and go to conventions. It was cool and perfectly fine to dress in costume and go to sporting events, meet your favorite players, but Trekkies were looked down upon.

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Buddy Has a Meltdown

Buddy has been doing so well in school and with the calming words that I forgot how bad a full-blown meltdown can be.

Today is an odd day for us. Usually, I pick up my oldest son and then race back home to be there when Buddy gets off the bus. On Thursdays, my oldest son has science club, so I get Buddy, then pick up my oldest, then we all go to the library for book club. Today, though, my husband (he works overnight) decided to go into work early — very early. Buddy dozed off on the way to get my oldest child, and my husband was driving. Instead of going to the library, he decided to come straight home. He hopped out of the car and went to take a shower, leaving me with the kids.

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