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Why Buddy Plays on the Phone, But Not Outside

As usual on social media, there are more than a few memes going around. These are “holier than thou” memes, the type that likes to judge others, look down on them, and degrade them because they partake in something viewed as less than ideal.

When I was growing up, people looked down on the “Trekkies,” people who liked to dress up in costume and go to conventions. It was cool and perfectly fine to dress in costume and go to sporting events, meet your favorite players, but Trekkies were looked down upon.

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The Infamous Disney Trip

Rewind two years.

We had never taken a vacation as a family. Buddy was mostly nonverbal, usually saying only “cup” and “no.” He was almost four, the same age Lily is now. What a difference!

I didn’t know then that Buddy was autistic. Our family doctor just said, “Every kid develops at their own pace, and he doesn’t show any physical delays.”

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When I was growing up, I learned that eloping meant to sneak off to get married. It turns out that most of it is true; it means to sneak off. People with autism are prone to wander off without a word, leaving you to wonder where they went.

I read a news report today that a boy Buddy’s age had gone missing. A few hours later, they pulled his body from the lake. While the majority of people were sympathetic, there were a few who are so ignorant, they only inflict more pain. Ignorance is not always bliss. “Where were the parents?” “The parents should be punished!” “I’d never let this happen to my kid…” “How do you not notice them sneak out?”

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