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As a mother of a child with a disability, any show that focuses on this experience catches my attention. This is a reason I loved the show Parenthood; it helped the world understand what life is like with someone autistic, and they even covered what it’s like to find out as an adult that you’re autistic. It was very well-done, and I’ve watched it more than once.

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Buddy, New Things/School, and Gen Ed

For those unaware, it is generally a bad idea to change things on an autistic person. Autistics shy away from new things. The idea of trying to get Buddy to do new things causes my heart to skip a beat, and I avoid it as much as possible.

It started when he was a baby. I began to notice immediately he did not like going to new places. If I wanted to rearrange furniture, I had to do so where he could see, or he would have a meltdown. Even after he saw me do it, if he left the room and came back, he would be fussy. He would touch everything to be sure they were still there. This made moving very, very difficult.

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House, M.D.

One of the biggest issues I have is trying to explain to people how Autism can be. We as a culture rely on the media to tell us how everything is. People assume all autistics are like Rain Man. They have no idea what it is really like. There are a couple times the media gets it right, and House is one of them.

The episode is the fourth from season three. I can’t stand silence, so I often have a show or music going while I do my schoolwork. I have been watching House for the first time, and this episode was amazing. It is the story of a nonverbal autistic boy who is eating a safe lunch with his family, when he suddenly starts choking on nothing. He screams. The teams had to run tests on him, which results on a number of issues many NTs don’t consider.

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