Buddy and the Local Police

I got offered an incredible opportunity today, and I thought I would share it. This is something that everyone should be doing, so if it’s not available in your area, please consider pushing for it. I suppose I should explain.

I was approached and asked if Buddy and I could train local law enforcement on how to handle Buddy (and others like him) should an emergency arise. I’ll go over meltdowns, how to coax him into being compliant, etc. This is long overdue. I have seen too many news articles telling the sad story of an autistic person out and about, encounter a police officer, and end up getting shot for resisting arrest. The movie Adam covered this a bit as well.

This is in the beginning stages, so I don’t have much news at the moment. If it goes well, though, I hope to expand the program to include paramedics and firefighters.

Buddy is scared of fire from time to time (sometimes, he thinks it’s awesome and cool and let’s DO something with it!). He goes silent when he’s scared, and won’t respond if you call him. Imagine if he is trapped inside while the house or school blazes. It won’t end well.

Please, come up with a training session (no longer than an hour; 45 minutes is ideal and allows time for questions afterward) and start teaching our first responders!


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