Buddy’s Summer

I haven’t written in a long while, and for good reason. Having Buddy home meant I was rarely home.

First, there was his graduation. Although his class was full special needs, the school itself was not. His graduation was loud and hectic, and he continually looked to me for reassurance. I had been tempted to skip the celebration, but he had worked hard that year and deserved it. Afterward, we took him to his favorite sit down restaurant: IHOP.

Summer was rough for a while. He was used to certain things happening every school day, and I didn’t know what everything was, so I couldn’t continue it. I tried to keep our home life as scheduled as possible and give him plenty of notice, but things don’t always work how we want.

Shortly after school let out, Buddy’s brother went off to camp for a week. When he got back, we had Father’s Day and his birthday, and we celebrate birthdays during a week-long process, not just one day. I went to a Pro-Life Women’s Conference, which was so beneficial for me. I made a lot of connections and met someone wonderful women who chose to keep their disabled child, even though the world told them not to.

I love free events, so we were frequently at the library, Home Depot the first Saturday of the month, and Lowe’s the second and fourth Saturday.

The worst part of summer is people who are not respectful with their fireworks. Two days before the 4th, people began shooting them off. Buddy was terrified, and we didn’t sleep at night until two days after the fourth. I really wish there was autism-friendly place to go, and people wouldn’t shoot them off unless it actually was the 4th.

Contrary to that, the best thing to happen to him this summer was the phenomenon known as Pokemon Go. I have long desired to get my children to take walks with me, but it wasn’t until this wonderful app came out that they finally wanted to. Each day, a different child gets to hold the phone while we all walk. We’re up to walking 2k every day. My goal is 5k, which is roughly 3 miles.

Buddy’s brother has played the card game for years, and Buddy gets bored when we go to his events. Now, he can play Pokemon Go! He even won a prize. He and his brother have grown a little closer and fight less (!!) now that they have something they can bond over.

No matter how much fun or structure you work for, you can’t plan on everything. One night, Buddy complained there was water coming down from the ceiling. I saw the paint bubbling, poked it, and drained. I let Buddy sleep in my room, just in case. I’m glad I did.

During the night, our living room ceiling collapsed. It turns out that there was a clog in the AC unit, which backed up and began leaking into the ceiling. The insulation soaked it up until it became too heavy. The wood was weak from being wet and couldn’t hold the weight. It all came down. It cost a lot to repair, and Buddy had to deal with repairmen coming in and out, making loud noises. With the AC not working, it got very hot, and he doesn’t tolerate heat well. It was rough for him.

Just a short while ago, Lily turned 4. Buddy was excited, hoping she would come to school with him. If she had, they would’ve been in the same grade. Since Buddy was moving from a SpEd class to GenEd, they suggested holding him back. After considering things, we agreed it would be best.

Since he got into the great school, it was a new round of ARD meetings as they got to know him, hear from me what I do at home, and we discussed what assistance he would need in the classroom. Although his speech has come a long way, he will still need a speech therapist. They have decided to make some allowances, but only if he needs them. For example, he will sit closest to the teacher so she can keep an eye on him. If testing becomes overwhelming, he will receive reduced questions or the test will be given orally.

It was a long summer, but I loved having him home. I’m exhausted right now, so I’m sure I’m forgetting things.

I miss him when he’s at school. But I’ll post about his new school in a different post.


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