Buddy Finds Art

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Inside Out is a great movie, and it really helped Buddy express his emotions. I highly recommend it, if you haven’t seen it yet.

I expected Buddy to do what he does to all movies – watch it over and over, memorizing everything about it, sometimes comparing it to other movies. I did not expect him to be studying their facial expressions.

He noticed that throughout the movie, each emotion tended to keep a certain facial expression. He made a note of it.

The other day, he had a meltdown. While they are becoming less frequent, they do still happen. He was sent to cool down. When he came back, he had drawn a picture. In it, he drew me with a sad face, a door, and himself with a sad face. He used the picture and described how he felt and why.

This was only the beginning. The boy who used to hate drawing and coloring disappeared. He began drawing stories, telling me what happened at school, about a boy who was hurting him, and that he wished it would snow so that he could build a snowman.

Two years ago, Buddy could not communicate, and we were both frustrated. Now, he is talking and using stories to communicate. I love seeing him grow!

IMG_20151031_122040 (This picture is, “Me and my Mama.”)


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