More Issues with School

There are so many things that I had never considered before my experiences with Buddy.

This past week, we all got the flu. Buddy missed school on Monday from it, which he did not handle well. This messed up his school week, as Tuesday he thought he should get to do the Monday things, and when Saturday came, he was upset that his fifth day of school was missing.

I always make sure that Buddy gets on and off the bus. I had the flu so badly, that I stayed in the bathroom unless someone had to use it. I could not take care of Buddy for two days. A friend was over all the time to help out. When Buddy went to come off the bus and I wasn’t there, he broke down. He wanted to wait for me. He never leaves the bus without Mama. My friend had to pick him up and carry him into the house, where he had a meltdown for a good while. He also shows me anything he brought home that day. Since I wasn’t able to see it, he tore everything to shreds. Later, when he calmed down and saw what he did, he cried some more. His hard work at school, ruined. It hasn’t been an easy week.

His first day back at school, he brought home a packet of homework. Homework for a kindergartner! He didn’t want to do it; he does school at school, not home. I tried to explain it to him, but it led to more tears and frustration. I finally told him it was so he could show me how much he learned at school.He proudly wrote his T’s and t’s and 1’s before abruptly stopping. He wouldn’t go on. I knew he could count to five, and the next number was 2, so it wasn’t new to him. I coaxed and coaxed, but he didn’t want to do it without help. The same thing happened with 3, 4, and 5, but 0 was fine as was A, but not a. It clicked.

I think Buddy is dyslexic.

I grabbed some extra paper and wrote on the top: A H I M O P T U V W X Y and asked if he could do it. He did them all… except P. I praised him and asked about it. He refused to do it. I coaxed him again. He fought for a bit, upset, and finally wrote it… upside down and backward. He can trace anything just fine, but when left on his own, they don’t come out right.

He has an ARD meeting at the end of the month, and I’m writing a note to his teacher to see if she can keep an eye on it for the meeting. I think I may finally know why Buddy hasn’t been able to learn some of the things I tried to teach him at home.


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