Buddy Gets Sick

Every child gets sick. My son is no exception. He is sturdy and resilient enough that this almost never happens. With his being a child, it happens so infrequently that he doesn’t remember it, which makes every time the first time. it means that every time he’s sick, he has no idea what’s going on, and he tries to fight it.

Buddy saw a Scooby Doo movie and is now convinced that he has to keep the lights on to prevent ghosts from coming. Every night before I go to bed, I have to go shut off all the lights. I leave one on in the room he’s in, just in case he wakes up. I didn’t once before, and he screamed for half an hour and was awake the rest of the night. Anyway, I went to turn off the lights like I always do, when I saw Buddy was sitting up on the couch, silently crying. I rushed to him and the smell hit me.

“Oh, Buddy… are you sick?”

He looked at me, clearly exhausted and having no idea what I’m saying.

I pointed to the mess all around him (my poor couch!) “This is throw up. You throw up when you’re sick. You’re sick. You threw up.”

For the first time, a light clicked on in his head. “I’m sick.”

“Yes, honey. I’m right here, and I’ll help you, okay? I’ll get you cleaned up.”

I grabbed a big pot and a dirty towel and set it next to him on the couch, the only place he’ll sleep. He started whimpering.

“Do you need to throw up again?”

He looked at me, so sad and tired. “Yeah.”

I showed him the pot. “You can throw up in here or in the potty, okay?”

When Buddy’s body tries to throw up, Buddy doesn’t understand why, so he fights it, and he is quite the fighter. None of my coaxing could convince him to just let it out. Inevitably, he lost the battle and made it into the pot. I praised him as I cleaned him and the couch up, flipped the cushions, held him while he threw up some more, and covered the couch with towels. He went to sleep almost immediately.

Now, that should be the end of it. Buddy always has a good round of puking and sleeps it off, then runs around like nothing was wrong. This time was different. I left my door open so I could hear him, and he started throwing up again at 5am. He threw up in his sleep, if I had to guess. I cleaned him and the couch up again, and he was back asleep before I was done. He woke up briefly around breakfast time, asked for cereal, and fell asleep just after saying it. He woke up sometimes, would ask for water or some cereal, and then go back to sleep. He slept for nearly 48 hours, one time falling asleep while eating. He only wanted me to hold him and to watch “Bee-Bos” (Minions) He produces a lot of heat when healthy; being sick made me break into a sweat when he was around.

This has been so unlike Buddy. If I had insurance, I’d take him to the doctor. I was really worried.

Another issue I had never considered: Buddy knows that the day after church, he does to school. He didn’t understand that he couldn’t because he was sick, which only made him more upset.

Poor kid. ❤


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