He’s Smarter Than Anyone Knows

One day, when Buddy was really little, he stood for the first time. Elated, I ran to grab the camera. When I returned, he was missing. The room was babygated and consisted of a couch, TV, and a bookshelf. I checked behind the TV, under and beside the couch, but he wasn’t there. From the top shelf, a book fell. I looked to find that he had climbed the bookshelf and fallen asleep!

Since then, that has been how Buddy works. He won’t do something until he can do it well. He doubts himself, or maybe he wants to be able to do it perfectly. I don’t know. His intelligence is amazing.

When Buddy started football, he refused to actually play for the first few weeks. He knew he couldn’t run fast. The coach talked with us and we agreed to try him as a blocker, and he took to it instantly!

I take on-line classes, and I often listen to music on YouTube while I do my work. I stepped away from the computer to work on dinner, and I heard music playing. Buddy had not only was playing music, but he created his own playlist and soon after, figured out how to browse for the videos he wanted. I still don’t know how. He also figured out people’s cell phones, tablets, e-readers, and anything else electronic, all before he could talk.

One day in January, I was trying to teach Buddy body parts. I tried to get him to say belly, but he insisted it was “baby.” I kept trying, but he refused. It was then I realized that I my period was late… and I had only ever been late twice and been pregnant both times. A pregnancy test showed that he was right; I was pregnant with Lily.

I originally had hoped to home school him. Starting almost two years ago, I showed him the letter A every day. Every day, he would guess a letter, but it was never A. I tried numbers and colors. I didn’t think I reached him. After almost two years, he started at a public school that specializes in children like him. He came home the other day, grabbed the Uno cards (which I let him play with) and did this:

IMG_20150911_172449 IMG_20150911_172609

Every card was sorted numerically, by type, and by color.

How? How does he know so much? How can he tell? How can I convince him to use that knowledge and not doubt it?

It’s going to be an interesting life…


1 thought on “He’s Smarter Than Anyone Knows

  1. My little boy is a lot like this, he is so receptive but needs the confidence to ever vocalize or try to do something that he has seen. If only we knew what was going on in their little heads! 🙂


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