Life and School Don’t Mix

It’s been so long since I was a child, that I forgot how weird it was to be in school and have something unexpected happen. This week, we in the United States had a holiday, shortening our work and school week. It happens every year, so I’m used to it. My son didn’t understand.

Even though school hasn’t been going for long, he knows that he wakes up on Sunday, goes to church, eats pizza, goes to sleep that night, and has school the next day. This week, that didn’t happen. I tried to explain to him Sunday night that there wasn’t any school the next day. He got upset and agitated. On Tuesday, I tried to get him ready for school, and he had a meltdown. He didn’t understand.

Today, my computer restarted on its own. Since I use it as an alarm clock, I woke up when the bus started honking out front. As there was no way for us to be ready on two minutes, he missed the bus. Again, he didn’t understand. He didn’t want a ride to school; he takes the bus. I had to work hard to keep him calm.

Issues like these aren’t just going to mess with Buddy; they’re also going to impact his teacher when he finally gets to school. I looked at the lunch menu and thought, “Oo, he’d eat some of these.” While I could alternate between taking my lunch and eating at school, Buddy doesn’t understand. He knows that I pack him a bottle of water, a bag of something yummy like chips or Goldfish, and a Sun Butter sandwich.

I never before thought how easy it was for NT people to go to school. It’s going to be a very interesting and trying year.


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