We Have Pets?

We live in a small house, with not quite enough room for everyone. We’re one bedroom short. We were just going to rent, but the landlord offered us an amazing deal, and we’re preparing to buy it. The kids are doing their best to deal with it. Since Lily was a baby, she slept in the bed with me, Buddy and his brother each had their own room. Buddy decided he didn’t want to sleep in there, so he would sneak out to the living room. He doesn’t like feeling alone, so he often moved his toys out of the room to play. I decided that since he wasn’t using it, Lily could have it.

When I went in there and started moving his things out, he began freaking out. I was hurting his “friends.” Turns out he had been capturing spiders from around the house and hiding them in his room. he would then find bugs to feed them. I am terrified of spiders, so this was especially freaky for me. They were everywhere you don’t normally go, such as that corner behind the mattress. Ick.

Time has passed since then. Last night, my oldest son hollered, so I went to see what was up. A lizard had darted under the fridge. We had a lizard in the house before, but I couldn’t find it when I went to get rid of it. I was working on pulling the fridge out when Buddy stopped me.

“Don’t hurt my friend!”

Wait, this is familiar to me…

He ran and grabbed a spider from Lily’s room. He dangled it in front of the fridge. The lizard jumped out, ate it, and slithered back under. He looked up at me, all proud.

How long have we had a pet lizard?


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